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Ferenczi György and the Rackajam

György Ferenczi has contributed to over 250 records, with his band Herfli Davidson and Rackajam has became famous across Europe. His music covering a period of 25 years is characterised by a fusion of country, blues, funky, hip-hop, rock ’n’ roll and Hungarian folk music. He has contributed to more than 270 albums, 20 of which are the work of his two bands Herfli Davidson (from 1991 to 2003) and Rackajam from 2005 onwards.

This harp player or singer or violinist or guitarist is famous across Europe. He is able to play James Brown, Katalin Karády and Jimi Hendrix or any type of music in his very own style, see for example his albums Csárdafunk, How Mr Hendrix, ’What noise?!’ (Milyen lárma?!) or ’The World of the Rackas’ (A rackák világa). However, it is quite possible that of all the influences the poet Sándor Petőfi is the strongest for him. “Hungarian musicians”, he says in the Petőfi album, “normally have grounding in folk music because of the Kodály method. But this is not always the case. I grew up listening to the music of Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC and the Hobo Blues Band. Today two influences shape my music: folk music and the music of Jimi Hendrix. My favourite writer is Mór Jókai, my favourite poet is Sándor Petőfi. Anyone who loves the rock’n’roll life style cannot pass by Petőfi without being touched by his energy and love for life. You should learn just who this poet is because I have just learned.”

Well, anyone who is listening to Rackajam will definitely learn it.


Members of the band

György Ferenczi – voice, diatonic accordion, violin, guitar

Ádám Apáti – accordion, bass guitar, voice

Levente Kormos– guitar, voice

Miklós Jankó – cajun, drums, voice

Gábor Bizják – French horn, melophone, voice

Zsolt Pintér – mandolin, guitar, voice



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