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Szeret Band

The Szeret Band was founded by the exceptional ”prímás” Balázs Vizeli in 2008. Its members are the students and teachers of the folk music department at the Liszt Academy of Music.

The band was named after the tributary of the river Danube, Szeret. The band’s main aim is to show authentically the importance of the music connections and parallels among the different cultures of the Carpathian Basin, and to preserve the traditions of the different nations and smaller ethnic groups living there. In their repertoire beside Hungarian folk music, Romanian, Slovakian, Serbo-Croat and Gipsy music can also be found.



Members of the band

Balázs Vizeli – violin

László Mester – viola

Gergely Koncz– violin

Gergő Szabó Csobán – double-bass

Dániel Szabó – cimbalom



Szeret Egyesület



Balázs Vizeli