From the rill to the Ocean

From the rill to the Ocean

These are stressful and challenging times for the Hungarian folk and worldmusic performers. Whilst the record industry (at least the market of audio playing devices) is at its end, the organising of concerts has also become more and more difficult due to the world financial crisis, and there has been a dramatic fall in the number of sponsors and audiences, as well. This programme series ‘From the Rill to the Ocean’ provides a kind of way out even in two directions, aiming at its fans inside and outside the borders.

Between 24-27th of May, five main cultural venues in the capital, the A38 Ship, The Aquarium, the FonóBudaiZeneház (a Music-house in Buda called Fonó), the Palace of Arts, The Hungarian Heritage House and also some in Szentendre will house an extraordinary festival. The purpose of this festival is to show both the Hungarian audience and the international guests e.g. managers, concert and festival organisers and journalists, how colourful and valuable our folk and world music is.

The series of concerts will begin on the A38 Shipon 24th May, when EvelinTóth with David Yengibarjan, the ‘Fókatelep’ and the ‘Napra’ will perform, and later on DJ Suefo will entertain the audience.

The performances will continue the next day in ‘FonóBudaiZeneház’:theMihályDresch Quartet will be followed by a dulcimer duet by KálmánBalogh and MiklósLukács, and after them the FanfaraComplexa will play. The evening will be finished by Berka and the Téka dance house.

On May 26th the concerts will begin with ’Söndörgő’ in a restaurant called ‘Aranysárkány’ in Szentendre. Then the programme will continue in the Palace of Arts with FolkSide,Makám, thenTárkányMűvek, and finally the Csíkorchestra will play. The evening will end in the Aquarium, where ParnoGraszt and Vojasa will perform on stage.

On Sunday 27th May in the Skanzen in SzentendreGyörgyFerenczi and the Rackajam will play in the afternoon, and then in the evening the festival will end in the Hungarian Heritage House, where you will hear and see the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, the Fonó orchestra, theCsűrös Band, the Tükrösand the Szeretorchestra on stage. After the concerts you will be welcome to a dance house.

To this 4-day-series of concerts we have invited 19 experts from abroad, who have already proved that they are not only open to Hungarian music but they are also willing to popularize it. But most of all we are awaiting the Hungarian audience since these concerts will present almost all the newest and most exceptional performances of today’s folk and world music.


From the rill to the Ocean

Hungarian folk and worldmusic flow

Budapest, 24-27 May 2012.