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Tükrös Folk Music Ensemble

The Tükrös Folk Music Ensemble, founded in 1986, plays traditional Hungarian folk music in the true-to-the-traditon arrangement of fiddle–viola–double bass, at times with the cimbalom as well. For the members of the band the music of the Mezőség proved to be the their rite of passage into the world of folk music.

The members of this band looking back on a 25-year-long tradition of playing together, strongly believe that “chamber music” of the best village bands carries the power and dynamism that is valid in all areas and can present an unforgettable experience to the audience without any remakes or genre mixing.

The folk music of the Mezőség is not easily understandable for either performer or listener. It can come across as a strong force if the musician is able to channel every nuance of that style of performance that has been refined through hundreds of years, and can come across as discomforting if the music is only a rough performance of melodies and rhythms. Members of the Tükrös Folk Music Ensemble have obviously opted for the first method, relying on their special background of having learnt the essence of playing folk music from their role models. This essence is what gets transmitted at their concerts…


Members of the band

Éva Korpás– voice

Attila Halmos – violin, voice

Gergely Koncz – violin, viola

Péter Árendás– viola

Endre Líber – cimbalom, viola

András Lelkes – double-bass



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