Hírek / Konferencia a Művészetek Palotájában

Konferencia a Művészetek Palotájában

A május 26-án megrendezésre kerülő interaktív kerekasztal-beszélgetés részletes programja alább olvasható. A konferencia nyelve angol. Sok szeretettel várjuk az érdeklődőket a Művészetek Palotájában délután 4 órától.

Panel Discussion “Global Chances and Possibilities of Hungarian Folk music and World music”


First group_“Media_Promotion_Communication”


  • Henna Salo / Finnland – FIMIC
  • Benjamin Minimum / France – chief editor of Mondomix
  • Jerome Williams / Holland – agent/manager (Earthbeat)
  • Johannes Theurer / Germany – journalist /radio/ World Music Charts in Europe
  • Wojciech Malota / Poland – music journalist/folk.24.pl
  • Petr Doruzka / Czech Republic – music journalist


Group 1: Topics Time: 40 minutes

Where you can find the global folk/world music audience online, offline?

How Hungarian bands, releases could approach the main international folk and world music press, radio, TV channels?

What are the main online blogs, influencers, social media services, virtual communities to inform and for networking for an artists in this genre?

What are your expectations from bands regarding PR kits?

What sources you use to find new folk and world music releases from CEE region?

What would you recommend as DIY methods for emerging folk and world music bands and performers?


10 minutes break for the audience and the participants.


The Second group “Live music_Festivals_Booking”


  • Ben Mandelson / UK – musician/producer, the 1st artistic director of WOMEX
  • Hilde Bjorkum / Norway – director of Fordefestivalen -
  • Isabel Soffer / US – concert organiser, festival(Globalfest, Live Sounds)
  • Bernhard Hanneken / Germany – TFF Rudolstadt + journalist
  • Bertus de Blaauw / Holland – director of Lowland Festival
  • Maarten Rovers / Holland – RASA
  • Krzysztof Kubanski / Poland – artist manager, concert organizer


Group 2: Topics Time: 40 minutes

Is the yearly Womex relevant to participate?

What are the best ways to approach those major influencers, editors at such expos? Is Virtual Womex active?

Are there any trends these days in folk and world music?

How you can approach young audience with folk and world music?

How can you approach a festival editorial team in order to be invited to their programs?

What are the main events, sources that you, festival editors use in order to find new bands?


Answer and Question: The audience would have the possibility to write down their questions that might be answered by you\ and the end of the sessions. Time: 15 minutes

We really would like you to give something to the audience that could be exploited in practice in order to find their ways of communication, management, PR and booking on the international scene.

Thank you for sharing your  knowledge and expertise.





2012. From the Rill to the Ocean